Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why Are You A Crafty Mama?

As I sat up hand-stitching a garment the other night until 1am, even though I knew I’d be up again at 5am with a full day ahead, I asked myself the question I usually ask at times like this.... “Why on earth am I doing this??!”.

Some of the reasons I’ve heard for why people ‘craft’, include:

  • Not being able to find clothes that fit
  • Wanting to save money
  • Wanting to be more environmentally responsible
  • A fit with spiritual beliefs (which may or may not be religious) 
  • A connection with generations past and future - passing down tradition and skill
  • Wanting to keep busy to aid in quitting smoking or losing weight

I think I’ve given most of the reasons above at one point or another to explain my need to create.  But you know what, I think there’s something more to it.

Because it does appear to be a need - not just a hobby or something to fill in the time.  So much so, that I wonder sometimes if the act of creating is indeed something that is inherently human (a kind of Descartian “I create, therefore I am”).

So what do you think? Why are you a Crafty Mama?


  1. Good question - I would ask myself the same thing at one in the morning!

    I started crafting because - well I just always did it. Mum always made my clothes as I was a tall, skinny kid that could not find clothes to fit and I still have that problem. It is in the blood (Grandmother is a milliner and Grandfather is a tailor by trade) so I have been bought up in a family of crafty minded people.

    I sew and create now as I need something to do and I love to achieve something.

  2. Its definitely a need for me, to take time out from the "usual" daily list and do something very different and very rewarding.
    Its also something that just comes naturally and makes me a happier person.

  3. Initially I started as a challenge to myself - both my sisters can sew and follow patterns, and despite Mum spending copious amounts of time with me as a teenager, I just didn't "get it". Well, after I bought my sewing machine I slowly began, and now its an obsession, and the more I discover great fabrics and patterns, the more I test myself and so on. I love that my son loves wearing his 'spunky bums' as he's labelled the trousers that I've made him for winter, and that he gets excited about the pj's I've made him. Oops, sorry for the essay!!

  4. Great question Nat! - I do it because its part of me. I take great pride in being able to dress my family, or bake a birthday cake from scratch, make presents and be a part of a very special community. I have been stitching since I was in single digits and whilst I view myself as a Jack of all trades master of none..the abilities I do have nourish my soul and enable me to look after those I love!
    Thanks for a great topic!

  5. I think for me it's to alleviate boredom as I just finished a Commerce Degree last year and I can't bear being idle. When my oldest son was small I'd sew for him but had lost the urge in the past 10 years...but now it's back. I like my children to have unique clothes and my budget doesn't stretch to a full Oilily wardrobe!!

    Good question :)

  6. This is a good question. For me, I am what I am for a couple of reasons. Firstly I started sewing for my kids when they were little to fill a need, secondly I gave up smoking 14 years ago and keeping my hands busy and now I sew because I love it, I love that I can clothe my family, it is my time to relax and nourish my mind, it helps me to be a better mum, wife and woman in general.

  7. I just love to sew I can't remember not sewing.
    My Aunty was a milliner but I can't remember my mum sewing at all.As a friend said to me it is like addiction.

  8. Now that's I've found sewing and crafting again after a long break, it has just become a need. It is "my" time and importantly it is a hobby that you can do with kids- even ducking in to sew something for 10 minutes between kids' fights is a quick fix lol. (You just have to keep all the sharp things out of reach of the littlies) I also love the fact that sewing and cooking at home keeps at bay modern society's inclination to do things the easy way- just buy a cake mix in a packet or even just a cake. I love the fact that my kids grow up knowing that clothes can come from mummy's sewing table and that cakes and biscuits don't come out of a packet all the time!