Monday, July 6, 2009

School Holidays Boredom Buster - Crayon Melts


Thanks so much Amanda for adding another wonderful school holiday boredom buster! Thats so cool! Well I thought I would chick a fav of ours in here. I have seen it in a number of places and here is a good one with all the instructions you need. Its for Crayon Melts - a great way to reuse all the crayon stubs...there is no need to throw then away and they make wonderful multi-coloured colouring in tools for the kiddies these holidays.

See the way to do it here....

Then once you have done that head on over here... for some free downloadable colouring in pages in a wide variety of Disney characters. My kids love these and then use the backs to draw pictures on.

Of course there are so many other colouring pages and activities for the kids...what do you love to do with the kids in the holidays?


  1. This was on Better Homes and Gardens the other night I thought it was a great idea.

  2. Oh was it Cathy! I didnt see it but it is a super idea :)

  3. Awesome idea - thanks for posting ;-)

  4. Love this! really must do it one day!

  5. We did this today! It worked really well and the little ones love them!