Friday, January 8, 2010

What Ya Sewing!

I have come back from holidays raring to get into the workspace and fire up the machines. But what do I do first!!!! I have so many things swimming around in my head I dont know where to start...I am going to have to sit down and make a list I think.

Are you the same? Have you come into the new year all excited but dont know where to start.

I know that Carolyn over at My Favourite is having a challenge - 12 months 12 Challenges - that seems like a good way to structure ones attack.

I know I have some things to do like my PIF challenge from last year (I still have about 6 months on that one!) and there are a few orders to fill....but this year I really want to get into some of my new Euro patterns...and knit - I really want to knit better....Peta over here at Stitch Pixie and Tikki over here at Tikki Fabric Addict are my inspirtaion for that avenue...oh and of course I want to dye some fabrics this year...I have bought the fabric...just need to buy the dye and watch the dvd...Sara over here at willow & moo and Julie-Anne at Rainbows End are the inspiration for that challenge...

Oh and on a non sewing front I want to take the family to the Gold Coast in 12 months time for our annual I am being inspired by That British Woman Gill here with her wonderful saving idea....thanks Gill!

So where to start... I feel a list coming on...tell me what you have planned and how you're organising yourselves this year...maybe I can learn a tip or two!

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