Thursday, January 28, 2010

Getting to Know You..A CM in Profile

The Craftiest Mama of them all...

Getting to Know You - Lisa

1. What is your name and what do we call you at Crafty Mamas?

Lisa or Lisa the Crafty, previously known as Cinna and still am to many!

2. How long have you been around Crafty Mama and how did you find us?

I founded the Crafty Mamas forum almost 5 years ago now! I knew there were others out there like me..I was right!

3. What makes you a Crafty Mama – ie what is your activity(s) of choice?

I will give anything a whirl. I once had a friend request I stop saying to her “ you could make/do that yourself!” - so I am kind of annoying that way. Crafts I currently do- sewing, knitting, crochet, cooking, dyeing, stenciling. There are HEAPS more I would love to try! Soapmaking, cheesemaking, spinning, resin jewelery.etc....

4. Some people collect fabrics, others patterns…what’s your addiction in the crafting sense.

Euro patterns, fabrics and trims, and vintage patterns and books.

5. What’s your creative space like?

Absolute chaos. But I can generally find stuff!

6. What’s your favourite crafty tool ? your machines and why?

My BERNINA Aurora 430 machine., it’s like a 4wd sewing machine and has not let me down yet.

7. Tell us about the most dedicated act of crafting you have performed ie sewed all night, drove 2 days for a craft show…something bordering on silly!

With a brand new baby ( 4 day old) and recovering from a c section I was determined to make one of my sons a proper elf costume for the school play. I did it, with bells on, and even made him little elf boots. He was so cute!

8. Do you have a blog/website/business/etsy you would like to plug? Where the coolest and craftiest mamas hang.

9. If you were stuck on a desert island and had the choice of three things to take what would you take (doesn’t have to be crafty)?

Chocolate, coffee, a book!

10. OK – some one word answers to wrap up:

• Diamonds or Pearls? Diamonds, baby, can’t wash dishes in pearls.
• Coffee or tea? Coffee, unless pregnant, then it’s tea all the way.
• Sweet or savoury? Both!
• Night owl or early bird? Both!
• Left or right handed? Lefty


  1. Yeah! Crafty Mama herself! So fantastic to get to know you a little more Lisa! Thanks for all your time and effort in making Crafty Mamas such a great place to hang!

  2. Lisa is our hero!
    Glad to have you.

  3. Super cool! Great to get to know the craftiest mama of them all :)

  4. How lucky we all are that you started CM five years ago - what a woman. Thank you Lisa!!