Friday, June 19, 2009

The Farbenmix Jule Sew-a-long

Sometimes attacking a new pattern can be a bit daunting and never more so when the instructions are in German!!! Farbenmix are a huge and wonderful range of Euro patterns and currently we are having a sew-a-long for the pattern Jule.

Its not exactly a cracking pace so people dont feel pushed to finish by a certain date! A thread in the forum enables us to chat about the pattern and ask questions of each other. There are also links to pattern translations and design examples.

Its a great way to get motivated and its awesome seeing everyone's finished work. Those participating are going to post some of their finished pieces in this blog!

Other a-long's we have done including knitting for charity and sewing Enid Gilchrist Patterns.

Its great fun - so come check it out at the Crafty Mamas forum...

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  1. Hi I was trying to find the sew along tut! Do you still happen to have it? I'd love to use it! Thanks.