Sunday, December 27, 2009

Then and now...

I thought it would be a good idea to take a walk down memory lane and be reminded of that moment when you first completed that first piece of sewing item you did. It doesn't matter how long ago it was but if you have a picture of it, let's see it! And after that, the latest piece of work you've done to see how far you've come along on this crafty journey.

While I don't have a pix of that apron I first sewed in home ed class back when I was in highschool some 15 years ago, I do have a pix of the first piece of sewing I did when I moved here. :)

My baby sling

This is a baby sling I sewed for Arianna when she was about 1 yr old. I know it took me ages to actually get started sewing although dh had bought me one of those tiny sewing machines for my first Chrismas out here. But when I finally did sew something, it was this. :)

The pattern is a free one and the fabric used is flannel for the inside and on the outside is a batik sarung. From 1 sarung, I got 2 of these slings so if you're attempting to make one of these, you can give one away as a gift. :)

Knit dress from free pattern

This is my absolute newest completed projects. Dresses from knit fabric for New Year. I'm on a break now trying to figure out what to sew next! :P

Now, come show off your first sewing item. If you have any online photo album, just pick the first piece of sewing that you've done. That's what I've done here anyway. Looking forward to see what you've done and how far you've since come. :) And once you're done, don't forget to link back and leave me a comment so I can come drop by and take a peek!


  1. Nicw work Yvy! I dont have a pic of the first thing I did when i picked up my machine 18 months ago - its on our old computer which got very sick! But it was something I would no doubt cringe at today!
    Thanks for the great read!

  2. lol....well, we all have that something to cringe abt today. lol took out an old top i did for dd1 when i started sewing and had only 1 otto mag [i have 10 now!!! eekkss] and OMG, i have put it away for good! lol :P

  3. Erk. My first piece of sewing was 26 years ago now. Oh, I feel old and fragile now. I can't even rememebr what it was.

  4. :) I made an apron in home eco too. Ours were all bright yellow drill, with an embroidered pocket! I can't remember what the embroidery was? I still have and wear (around the house) a pair of stripey velour wide leg/flared trackies I made when I was about 16. I've worn them during the labours of both my kids. They're one special pair of pants.