Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting to Know You..A CM in Profile

Im starting a new little series here on the blog so we can all get to know a bit more about each other.

Getting To Know You....Romi-Jade

1.What is your name (first only is fine if you prefer) and what do we call you at Crafty Mamas?

My name is Romi and my alias at Crafty Mamas is Muse – I was given that nickname by a friend who said I inspired him to turn his life around and get back on his feet again, plus being a creative little soul it seemed fitting.

2.How long have you been around Crafty Mama and how did you find us?

I’ve been at Crafty Mamas for about 6 months. I was a regular on another forum and was linked – it took me a few tries to get used to the layout difference, but then I just jumped in. I love that it’s a small community – it means I don’t feel as lost as I did in other forums. Everyone is so friendly and nice, so I’ve stayed :)

3.What makes you a Crafty Mama – ie what is your activity(s) of choice?

I love to sew, that’s my main hobby. I love to try lots of other crafty things like cooking, gardening, painting, scrap booking, digital art (in photoshop) and I’m learning to crochet. I’m a hopeless knitter though. Also, I don’t know if it counts, but I make video games for a living, so that’s pretty creative too :)

4. Some people collect fabrics, others patterns…what’s you addiction in the crafting sense.

I’ve just started getting addicted to buying both fabric and patterns. I used to be quite frugal about my sewing, but now I’m realising how rewarding it is so sew with beautiful fabrics and to use good patterns. My current addiction is to Japanese sewing books and fabrics – I think they’re simply gorgeous.

5. What’s your creative space like?

I’m lucky enough to have my own sewing room. I have my PC and painting supplies on one table and my overlocker and sewing machine on the other. My small, but steadily growing fabric stash is stored in a set of wire baskets while all my wooden letters and scrapbook supplies are either on display or safely stored away in containers in the wardrobe. I also have two big windows which are really nice; one even has a pretty view of the hills. I’ve yet to decorate my room, but it’s been on my to-do list for a while.

6. What’s your favourite crafty tool ?..ie your machines and why?

I love my sewing machine, even though it’s really basic and simple – I just have a fond attachment to it because it’s what I used to learn to sew. I also really love my new overlocker though, it’s nothing fancy, but it’s very fun to sew with. I’d LOVE to get an embroidery machine as I think it would be so fun to adorn simple fabrics with pretty designs… but that’s a little while away

7. Tell us about the most dedicated act of crafting you have performed ie sewed all night, drove 2 days for a craft show…something bordering on silly!

Haha – I don’t think I’m quite as dedicated as some when it comes to doing exhaustive overnight stunts, but one of the craziest things I’ve done was for a kids clothing swap. I had only just bought my sewing machine and barely knew how to use it, but I signed up for the swap thinking I’d end up making something like a simple skirt or dress – easy enough?

Well, I ended up being paired with a toddler boy and I didn’t want to do something boring, so I chose a cool pair of overalls. However, I didn’t know how to read patterns.. and I didn’t realise that it was comprised of 18 or so different pieces… plus a LOT of top-stitching with a twin needle.. which I did with a single needle.

It was a lot of sewing and it took me absolute hours to make, plus I felt like it was a bit ‘empty’ sending it by itself, so I made a scoodie and an iron-on-transfer for a shirt to go with it. It turned out really well for a beginner and I’m proud that I pushed myself, but I’m sure there are tons of faults from inexperience.

Anyway, here’s a link to my old blog and the post with all the photos for anyone that’s curious to see how they turned out – there’s also a link in the post to my swap partners blog, so you can see the clothes being worn by her adorable little boy.

8. Do you have a blog/website/business/etsy you would like to plug?

Sure! My craft blog is here...- I also have an Etsy shop called Omigosh where I was selling handmade kids clothes etc, but I’m currently letting my items expire so I can give the whole shop a nice makeover and so I can focus on sewing for fun and gifts for a while.

9. If you were stuck on a desert island and had the choice of three things to take what would you take (doesn’t have to be crafty)?

This is always a hard question because I always think ‘survival’ and practical as my first instinct, but that wouldn’t make a very interesting answer so for the sake of the question, I’d probably say my baby girl (I couldn’t live without her) and a heap of chocolate (all a girl really needs) and a pile of books to keep me entertained.

10. OK – some one word answers to wrap up:

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Jacob all the way
•Coffee or tea? Hard choice, but I’d pick tea
•Sweet or savoury? Definitely sweet!
•Night owl or early bird? Night owl mostly
•Left or right handed? Right handed


  1. Great to get to know more about you Romi Jade! Making video games for a living? Definitely goes towards your creative pursuits. Sounds like it would be a fun job.

  2. What a great idea...! Lovely to get to know you (a little bit more) Romi!

  3. How nice to see you IRL and learn a little more about you. Great picture and well done on how far you have come with your sewing I really think there is no stopping you!

  4. Oh this is a great idea Gilly - so nice to read about you Romi Jade!

  5. Thanks Gilly for the interview!

    And thanks everyone, it was fun! I can't wait to see who is next! :)

  6. Oh this is great! Lovely to get to know you Romi :)

  7. Hey, that was great, Thanks Romi, nice to get to know you a bit better.
    Tanya (Jayber)