Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ho Ho Ho No!!!!

As the weather gets warmer and the final term of school begins its only natural for our minds to turn towards the big C....and by that of course I mean Christmas.

You know...that time of year we panic about from January 1st every year...we spend a bucket load of cash, eat a bucket load of food and in the end collapse on the couch swearing never again! Does that sound familiar to you!

This year I have started planning back in July - touching base with "Santa" in relation to the kids presents. (When I say touch base I mean layby and when I say Santa I mean Target and Kmart!)but as the year ticks by I realise I have much more to do.

There is food to plan as this year we are having a Boxing Day brunch at my house. There are misc gifts to organise, teacher gifts to make, parties to RSVP, holidays and kennels to book. There is a Christmas tree to dust off and fairy light bulbs to check.

I have decided to make a proportion of gifts and buy the rest. There is alot happening in my family at this time, holidays overseas, houses being bought and renos being done so gifts such as cash and gift cards are more practical than bags and crayon rolls.....but they still have their place. For example my sister in law will get matching aprons for her and her partner and a recipe book of all my favourites to accompany their Bunnings gift card.

Teachers will get something made like a bag or the like with a box of chocolates thrown in! I was also considering making mini christmas cakes foe them...better get moving!

So over to you...what are you making this christmas - or arent early do you plan and do you have grand plans that seem to never come to light!

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