Saturday, August 8, 2009

T Shirt Surgery Challenge Inspiration

I made something today for the August Challenge in the CM Forums - T Shirt Surgery - but I'm not at all happy with it. It's a reversible bag made from two old band shirts, but I am just not feeling the love, so I decided to have a bit of a scout around for further inspiration.

Here is the bag I WISH I had made today... it certainly would have wasted less time!!

More things to do with tees:

  • This kimono top tute looks easy enough AND it's super cute.

  • Adorable and crazy easy kids pants - I've used this tute myself, and although I tweaked it, I highly recommend it. I also recommend trying it out with a tee you wouldn't necessarily put on your child if it were their size; eg, In the pic below, I used a boys style skate tee - I love how the finished pants turned out. What I did differently; instead of tracing the inside leg, I traced the curve of the crotch only & cut the tee straight down with middle for a funky wide leg. I also used material from the sleeves of the shirt to make a drawstring instead of using elastic.

  • Here is a tute on how to make yourself some yoga pants, if, unlike me, you happen to have a shirt big enough handy.... ;)

  • T Shirt Undies....!! Need I say more?

  • This set on flickr shows a unique idea that brings new meaning to 'designer tee'; wall art from T Shirts.

  • A fantastic, if not particularly new, idea is to make a 'memory quilt' from old tees, I love the idea but would have to start now with the collecting of the shirts with meaning. Hmmm... check back with me in 20 years. In the meantime, here are some examples of quilts sewn by people just a little bit more organised.

  • One thing about crafting with tees is that sometimes you actually end up creating waste, lots of projects only require the body of the shirt, leaving the sleeves as scrap. This quick tute shows you how to make a little hats for bubs & use up some of those pesky sleeves!

  • I have this tute on how to make a toddler dress from an adult T Shirt to thank for showing me how to make cute swirly-almost-ruffled lettuce edges by stretching the knit as you sew it...

Hopefully these have have sparked some creative ideas for you too - I have just now found a little light bulb on above my head, an old fashioned one mind you, not a new energy saver deal'e, they just don't do the trick when it comes to illustrating the formation of bright ideas - and hope to see you in the August Challenge!


  1. Oooh, thank you for all these great ideas.
    I have a bag full of old tees waiting to by re-fashioned, but the one little old shirt-to-pants tute I had just wasn't inspiring me!
    Now I now what I need to do... just need to find the time :-)

  2. Awhh, Punky looks way cute in those skater duds!!
    Thanks for all the ideas Vic :)

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