Monday, August 31, 2009

Clothes for Dolly

Next week is Laineys 2nd birthday and we have bought her a Cabbage Patch Doll. To go with that I am in the process of making some clothes so her dolly can be as stylish as she is !

I made this dress today (modeled by her current but smaller dolly with only one eye that stays open - so the dress looks a little big!) using the Mamu Design Christina for Dolls pattern from Crafty Mamas (this is an e-pattern so instant gratification at time of purchase!) I used some of the Kaufman 21 Wale cord (also from Crafty mamas) out of my scrap box along with some black bias binding.

It took about 30 minutes, and that included tracing the pattern. Quick, simple and lovely. I plan on having more ready for when her new dolly comes to live with us.

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