Friday, November 27, 2009

Self Sufficient Mamas

This year my husband put in a veggie patch at the back of our yard. Its something we have been meaning to do for a long time and after enlisting the help of a clever friend we got to it.

That was about 8 weeks ago and it has gone gang busters since then.

Here is the patch when we first started - this was the day we planted seedlings:

And here it is 8 weeks later!

We are going to harvest some zucchinis tomorrow and we have already been eating lettuce.

There is definitely something very satisfying about self sufficiency at any level.

Do you have a veggie patch or another form of self sufficiency you would like to share with us...chooks, worms, composting, veggies, fruit trees...its always inspiring to see what everyone else does!


  1. Wow, good on you Gilly, I haven't much to share, we still have ongoing water issues here so it's more about keeping the existing garden alive.
    It's amazing how much you've grown in that small space.

  2. Oh I think I am drooling over all the yummy stuff you have growing there - hmmmm I think I might have to get my vegie patch up and running again. I stopped it with the severe water restrictions we had :(